3B fitness and Performance, LLC trains Athletes and Athletes-At-Heart.


We help them to: Live Like 1st, TRAIN like 2nd. ™

We do this by: Building Beyond the Body. That's in our name.


We train the underdogs of life, in any career field or athletic field.


If you fit into that category, then there is a spot for you on the B Team.

We use advanced strength and fitness techniques, speed and agility, nutrition and recovery options to give our clients the edge in weight management, strength and conditioning, speed and agility mechanics or overall performance and health.

Between us, there are: two Master's degrees in the Exercise Sciences, one Executive Master degree in Business, two Bachelors in Communicative Arts (which means that we can effectively package and communicate with you in ways that you understand), four certifications in performance and fitness, one Olympic Qualifier, three National Championship Appearances (NCAA, USA and International), one National Champion, one SEC Champion.


Our careers have allowed us to coach athletes for the NFL Combine into being drafted, in MLB, four years in DI and DIII and at IMG Academy.

That's our difference. If that doesn't stand out to you, then go back and read that again.


We'll wait . . . Question is, how much longer will you? Let us help you reach your dream. 

Live Like 1st, TRAIN like 2nd ™