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Micronutrient testing is a next generation blood test for measuring specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino/fatty acids and metabolites within your plasma. Our 3B|Reveal micronutrient test will reveal exactly what you may either be oversaturated with or deficient in. You've been testing out diets and supplements, but do you ever test . . . YOU!  The perfect diet for you is one that is based upon you. Don't be one of hundreds spending money on supplements that are working against your goals. Just because the internet says you need protein, BCAA's or even a multi-vitamin, you could be wasting money or investing in your prolonged symptoms. Your immune system could literally be on overdrive trying to heal you from your healthy diet. that is holding your performance (health, career, mental, emotional or athletic) hostage. This test provides nutritional guidance that can be discussed with your fitness and nutrition coach as well as your physician or dietitian. Let 3B help you not only find out the truth about your current nutrition and what you should be eating to get the result you want and beyond that, but to come up with a nutrition plan based upon your genetic science to help your body heal from the inside out and to functions at your optimal levels!

3B|Reveal Micronutrient Testing

    • Vibrant Wellness is a personalized health analytics company founded out of our passion to serve patients and providers.
    • The Vibrant Wellness platform provides tools for you to track and analyze your general wellness profile.
    • All testing offered by Vibrant Wellness is performed at a CLIA approved lab testing facility and licensed by California Department of Public Health.
    • is able to make these products available through special partnerships with licensed medical practioners on their advisory board who validate the effectiveness and usefulness of clinical testing to improve overall health, wellness or performance.
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